Organ Trail's Merry XXXMAS Sleaze

by Organ Trail

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Merry XXXmas Sleaze from the Organ Trail sewer dwellers.


released December 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Organ Trail Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

Organ Trail is a multi regional gore soaked Death Grind band hailing from PA, VA, AND WV. Founded in 2013.

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Track Name: Rudolph's Roid Rage Rampage
Rudolph how'd you sink so low? Shoving all that shit up your nose. Santa's snorting with all the reindeer bros. Only a matter of time before you overdose. Rudolph's on the juice and it is starting to show. His patience are dwindling but his temper grows. Rudolph will be the one with money and hoes. No more laughing, no more name, this year he will dominate the reindeer games. He's got backne and that is not even the worst. The roids are shriveling his already small coin purse. Tiny meat means bigger potatoes. I make my hooker gauc with avocados. The games are about to start so he takes one more hit pulls a Benoit and loses his shit. Clarice tries to stop him but she is first to get get hit. Then comes Donner and Vixen and their throats get slit. He polishes off the rest of the reindeer. They may not love him but they will learn to fear. The last one left is that fat bastard nick. Corners him and force fed him milk to make him swallow his own dick.
Track Name: Frosty the Blowman
Frosty the Blowman was higher than Andy Dick on a Kite
Frosty the Blowman wanted to fuck and wanted to fight
All of a sudden he had an idea that filled him with great joy
If he stole the children's skin then he could be a real boy
One more bump and he's ready to go
Now he is filled with more coke than he is snow
There must have been some crack in that old glass stem they found
So he put on some Slayer and Carcass and began to mosh around
The Snow stained red, he's a rolling ball of gore
Pieces of victims complete his ghastly change
Sharpening his blades, barb wire around his bat
deck the halls with bondage gear , he grabs his kid snatching sack
The Mayhem ensues as he fulfills his whims
he replaces his branches with small childrens limbs
He took their teeth and pilfered their eyes
And made a sinister smile that made all the babes vomit and cry